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"Please follow our quad riding rules for safe operation of our ATV's
while riding the Sand Lake Dunes in Oregon"

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General ATV Operation Rules

1. Ride safely. To get the most out of your ride, you have to get to know the surface you are riding on and what your machine can do. It's not a dang gas powered clam digger. Carefully choose the places to ride. Practice handling your machine until you are confident, without being too cocky.

1a. Dress appropriately. If you can sneak big sis's pink riding jersey and boots, bring them if you dare. But jeans, tennis shoes and a Sand Lake sweatshirt are just as cool. Wearing shorts or nylon pants can cause serious burns from the engine. Sandals do not provide adequate protection and do not allow full control of the ATV. Do not tie any clothing, water bottles or cameras to the ATV, please leave them in your tow vehicle or bring a backpack to carry them in. We have Go Pro mounts if you need them, or you can rent one of our high definition Go Pro cams. The scenery is marvelous.

2. Parents must ride along side children. Mr. or Miss park ranger will stop you with a warning if youths under 16 are not within your control or you cannot provide immediate assistance. No more than 25’ for experienced riders and less than 10’ if your child has had no experience in the sand. Make sure that he/she knows and follows all the General Rules and that the ATV is operated properly. We insist that all minors have your full attention at all times. The Primary Party is responsible for mechanical breakdowns and damage due to improper operation. The supervising parent or adult must be over 18 years of age with a valid Drivers License.

3. Stay away from areas that look too steep ( 30 degree incline max ), or appear to have no other way out. Most of our ATV's are not powerful enough for the very steepest dunes. If you cannot ascend the #@!* hill, try to level off and approach sideways, or stop and back down carefully. There is a rescue charge for getting stuck in these areas. We do not reimburse for towing.

4. Do not spin tires when you are stuck. This will only dig deeper and wear out the clutch, gearing or break the drive belt or chain, (replacement charges apply) leaving you stranded and pulling out your hair. When stuck, shut the engine off, dismount the vehicle, clear the sand around tires and/or under ATV, or manually move your ATV so the tires are out of the ruts. Most folks are nice and will help you if you need help. Again, we do not reimburse for towing.

5. Do not push one vehicle with another. (Yeah, four grown men thought of this one). Please, apply the tow strap low on the frame of the ATVs only. Not the muffler. Not the axle. Not the A-frame. Not on the steering. If someone is kind enough to pull you, take charge of where you want your end of the strap to avoid damage to your vehicle.

6. Vehicle Maintenance. Before each ride, make sure the tires look properly inflated, 4 to 5 lbs of pressure. Check the oil, gas and coolant levels, and refuel after 2 hours use. Do not get sand or water in these reservoirs. Maintain our ATV as if it were your own. Check chain and lubricate as needed and daily. Checking for loose parts. Check for missing, broken or bent parts. Investigate any strange noises, using common sense, and call us immediately if you suspect a mechanical problem. Allow Engine to warm up for 5 minutes before you ride off into the sunset.

7. Stay away from the ocean. Stay away from the ocean. Stay away from the ocean. Stay 30' clear of the reflective sand by the surf. Salt water is highly corrosive to the electrical parts and could cause the vehicle to stall. The salty sand corrodes the metal finishes and you may be charged. Quicksand pockets can bring your vehicle to a sudden stop. Please avoid driving through any surface water. Besides, sharks will come out of the water and eat you.

8. No double riding. Our Quads are not designed to carry a passenger and could cause loss of control, a scratched finish, torn upholstery or burned rider. Yay! Everyone gets a front seat.

9. Do not operate at unsafe speeds. GO SLOW on rocky or paved areas or grandma will come over and chew you out. Vehicles have sand paddles, which are not durable on pavement or other hard surfaces, and can easily tear. Excessive speed may cause you to lose control of your vehicle causing rollover, collision, or throw you completely off.

10. No extreme riding, no drag racing, no wheelies or lifting any tires off the ground, no jumping, no brodies and no donuts. If you see others doing this, be sure to stop and clap or maybe give 'em a woohoo. But for you, absolutely not! There's a potential to flip the ATV back onto the rider. Tires can lose the air seal, and it may not be noticeable until a later time. Our remount charge is $5.00 per tire. Our ATV rollover and impact charge is $25.00 minimum. No Exceptions. Don't continue to ride a crashed machine since this can cause further damages.

11. Watch for obstacles like stumps and rocks, and other traffic at all times. The squirrels are mischievious here and move stuff around. Watch for other riders, especially while turning. Drive defensively by assuming that others may not see you. Please park clear away from obvious travel paths.

12. Stay out of the Trails. Trails are very DANGEROUS because of the limited visibility and only wide enough for one vehicle at a time. Ride only on the open sand. Leave the trails to the pros and the squirrels. We do not allow our quads in the trails. Do not go near any trees or their branches. Flags tend to break within the trees, and you will be ticketed for driving a vehicle on the sand without a flag.

13. Avoid engine overuse. Turn on the flippin fan if equipped, or be sure the automatic fan is working. Shut off ATV occasionally to allow cool down time while parked.

14. You must wear a cool looking helmet while operating any of our ATVs. The idea here is to be styling, not to save your pumpkin. Chin straps must be fastened. Do not leave your helmet in the sand. Adjust helmet visors carefully so as not to break them.

15. Use caution when approaching the crest of the dunes. Collisions occur often because neither idiot sees the other until it is too late. Please post a spotter, a person watching for traffic near the crest, if you will be ascending the dune.

16. Obey all posted signs. The parking lot speed limit is 5 mph no matter how bad you really have to go. Posted beach speed is 25 mph and no motor vehicles past the Green Regulatory signs. Operate ATV’s on approved land only with the utmost caution and in full compliance with all applicable laws of the State of Oregon.

17. Report all Damages and Loss. Do not leave a vehicle unattended. The named operator is responsible for his/ her ATV at all times. Any damage or loss to the ATV or equipment will be charged to the credit card of the primary party listed on rental agreement. If the evil tree branch slapped your helmet, please tell us so we can check it out. Please involve the park authorities if you have an accident and exchange information with other riders for your insurance company.

18. Do not clean the quads before returning them. If you attempt to wipe sand from the ATV's you will scratch the finish. We rinse any sand right off with a hose and wash the quads during our final inspection. If you ride in any mud, your name is mud and you can expect to pay $35 mud clean-up fee for each vehicle.

19. Alcohol consumption is prohibited during your rental. Got it? That means you better show up completely sober and stay that way until you bring back our equipment. If you appear to us incapable to ride you will not be riding. We have the right to refuse service to you at anytime. We have the right to end your remaining time without refund.

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