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How To Shift Gears On A Quad Or Motorcycle


I learned to shift gears on my dad's motorcycle at age 12. I've shown adults, who have never ridden before, how to shift in just a few minutes . It's very easy learning how to shift gears on a quad, a motorcycle or dirt bike. They all basically operate the same and you can master shifting by practicing these easy steps.

Memorize the gear pattern on your quad or motorcycle. Most patterns are displayed near the left foot rest, or can be found in the user manual. First gear is for low speeds. Higher gears such as third gear and fourth gear are for higher speeds.

Sit comfortably with your hands on the handgrips. Select Neutral with your left foot as you rock the quad slightly forward and backward. You will feel the engine dis-engage from the wheels. Neutral is typically where you want to start your engine. Start your engine and let it warm up and I'll walk you through how to shift gears on motorcycles or quads.

1st Gear: Apply your foot or hand operated brake. Pull the clutch lever with your left hand. Shift into first gear. When you are ready to begin moving, slowly release the clutch lever as you gradually add throttle. As the clutch engages, release the brake. Practice driving around in first gear to get used to your ATV, quad, motorcycle or dirt bike. To stop, release the throttle, pull the clutch lever, then apply your brake. Practice starting out and stopping untill you are comfortable with your motions.

2nd Gear: Increase your speed to prepare for second gear. Release the throttle and pull the clutch lever at the same time. Select second gear. In one smooth motion, release the clutch lever as you add throttle. Practice driving at this higher speed for awhile. To slow down, release the throttle, pull the clutch lever, select first gear and slowly release the clutch lever.

Try going through all the gears with this method.

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Gear Shift Pattern - In A Manual


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